Staying at the Show Hotel Matters

Many times people ask: Why is the room rate at your hotel so high? I booked a rate here (or another hotel) much cheaper than what your show rate is. Why is that?

In response, we’d like to quote what Patricia Foley wrote. She is the bourse chairman for one of our sister hobbies and runs the Central States Coin Show. We won’t quote the whole article but just the part dealing with hotels.

“The answer is very simple. Hotel rooms. It is an unfortunate fact of life that far too many attendees at conventions forget (or refuse to acknowledge) that when they stay somewhere other than the official host hotel they are making a very significant contribution to undermining the convention that they benefit from attending.

There is no other way to say that than simply to say it. Yes, I know you can find lodging elsewhere in the area that costs less than the four-star, full-service facility where our event is held. Not doing something can have a serious cost greater than actually doing it, however. The cost of doing it (staying at the Westin) may be $30-50 more per night than the lesser places where some participants elect to stay. The cost of not doing it, however, can be far more serious--loss of our site, payment of a substantially higher exhibit space rental fee than would otherwise be the case--or even more serious, the payment of substantial financial penalties to the hotel as compensation for a shortfall of our contracted room pickup.”

That’s it in a nutshell.

So we encourage you to stay at the Westin to support the Chicagopex show and retention of our excellent hotel space