The American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors exists to share and discuss ideas and techniques for improving standards of exhibit preparation, judging, and the management of exhibitions. AAPE serves the entire range of people who work or have an interest in one or more of these fields; whether novice, experienced, or just beginning to think about getting involved. Through pursuit of our purposes, it is our goal to encourage your increasing participation and enjoyment of philatelic exhibiting, and to ensure the health of this part of our hobby. The AAPE AmeriStamp Expo and 2022 Single-Frame Team Competition will take place at Chicagopex this year.

We look forward to hosting AmeriStamp Expo in 2022 and 2023. This includes the Single Frame Champion of Champions competition. Please visit the AAPE website for details about the 2020 winner (our member Mark Schwartz).

To compete in the Champion of Champions, winners must have won the single frame grand award at a World Series of Philately show within the United States after the last single frame CofC competition. Note that the 2022 competition includes 2021 winners due to the pandemic's effects on the hobby.

Stay tuned to this page for further updates throughout this year.

Last updated February 2022